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Founder & CEO

Steve Ball


  • Boost was set up by Steve Ball who has 25 years’ in-house experience, most recently as a General Counsel and Head of Ethics & Compliance at an international listed industrial company.

  • Boost’s ‘manage for value’ philosophy and practises draw upon distilled experience and thinking from work in a variety of legal, compliance and commercial roles in Blue Chip and start-up companies, combined with learning gained from the privilege of working with leading international and local law firms, management consultants and other talented innovators and leaders in their fields.

  • Boost’s practises and toolkits have been build and developed through years of in-house experience , originating from Steve’s time at Motorola University in 1998 where he was first introduced to their Six Sigma programme and developed a keen interest in high-performance and its application to legal and compliance.

  • Boost’s ‘Value Acceleration Framework’ includes integrated strategic, operational and project dimensions and incorporates, as appropriate for the context, principles and practises from Change Acceleration, Lean, Kaizen, Agile (SCRUM/Kanban), Design Thinking etc. and always ensures that people/talent and sustainable change remain front and centre. It helps clients to understand their current orientation and potential, to frame their vision and objectives and to start or to drive their journey to realizing more value from legal and evolving into high performance legal.

  • These techniques have been absorbed, applied and tested in legal and compliance fields through Steve’s work in a range of companies in consultancy, software and other diverse industries working on-the-ground in the US, Europe and throughout Africa and Russia.

  • As a GC, Steve spent a substantial portion of his focus and time driving better application of the law and lawyer’s skills & resources for corporate value, completing root-cause analysis and systemic change programmes and empowering and coaching talent to maximise their potential.

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